Rules & Regulations



Match Rules and Regulations / Disciplinary:

1.      Teams will wear the jerseys, Socks and Shorts uniformly.

2.      The matches will be played using modified FIFA Football Rules as like 11’s.

3.     All players must wear the proper shoes for the game and shin guards and long socks for all their matches.

4.     We will be playing 9-a-side Football.

5.      A team must start with minimum of 7 players, if a team does not have enough players, it will be considered as defaulted and a win will be awarded to the other team.                                        

6.     Failure to turn up for a match at the stated time will result in an automatic defeat.

7.  The match will use maximum of 3 substitutions and changing of substitution during dead ball situations only.

8.      The duration of each match shall be 25 Minutes per half with a 10-minute halftime break

9.   In the league matches, any match ends in a draw, the teams will share the points. During the knock out matches any match ends with a draw, proceed straight to a penalty shootout to    determine the winner.

10.  An outright win for a match merits three 3 points. For teams that end in a draw merits each 1 point. A team that loses a match outright does not get a point.

11.  In the event of a team being equal on points at the end of the league stage, the following methods will be takes place,

a. Goal scored – Goal conceded = highest will qualify

b. head to head record – winner will qualify

c. Toss to be decide who will qualify

12.  The tournament system shall comprise of ten (10) teams, each playing single round robin league

13.  The top four teams play extra matches as semifinals, the winners of the 2 semifinal matches play for the title.

14.  Each team is responsible to keep their players, substitutes and officials under control.

15.In the event of a disciplinary dispute, the Tournament comity will make a final decision based on the report of the referee, and team captains of the team concerned.

16. When a player gets a yellow card, it will not be carried over to the next match day.

17. If player gets second yellow card on the same match will make him exit with the red card.

18. When a player gets a straight red card, he will be ejected from the match and his team must play with a man down.

19. A player that gets a straight red card will be automatically suspended for the next match his team will play.

20. A player, official or team that will be reported for violent conduct will be suspended for the rest of the tournament, with his team being fined.

21. Each Team must be ready ten (10) minutes before their designated match kick off time. If they are not ready, they will be considered a team that defaults, and the other team will be awarded a win.

22. The Tournament comity determines the kick off times in the event that there are issues with the field, weather, and reasonable circumstances appealed by the team captains.

23. The kick-off times are pre-set as per the match schedule.

24. The Tournament comity under the recommendation of the match Referee reserve the right to shorten the duration of the match in the event of the field conditions being unplayable, weather, or extraordinary circumstances.

25. The Tournament comity will appoint Referees every match.

26. Fines, please refer below,

Fighting will not be tolerated and each team charged with fighting will have to pay a penalty of Rs 100.00 in order for the team to continue to play in the tournament with the exception of the players ejected for violence.

•           For each Yellow card: Rs 30.00

•           For each Red card: Rs 50.00

•           Fines will go to Kayal Organization as donation

27. Icon Player: Each team could have a One Icon player as Preselected and Second Icon selected by lot. If Owner is playing than he is the Second Icon for his team. Icon Can’t be transferable

28. Transfer of player: only one player transfer can made during the player selection for each team. It may be giving or getting the player. First Preference to Close relation to Owners.